The services of Clavis Consult can assist you if:

- You have established your company in your home market and now wish to expand  your business into France.

- You want to avoid the cost and risk of creating a subsidery  in France prior to establishing your position in a new marketplace.

- You are looking for an economical alternative to fixed contract employees.

- You prefer a flexible approach to supporting your customers in France

- You need efficient Key Account Management in the french region

Type of Co-operation

Our clients are generally interantional companies seeking to serve the french market with local representation without the need for the immediate creation of a subsidiary.

Setting up a subsidiary in France involves considerable cost and administrative effort as well as an inevitable degree of risk.

Through Clavis Consult you have the flexibility to reach your customer (either existing of potential) from a local base providing either commercial, technical or project management services.

Our solid commercial and technical background enables us to present your product or represent your company in an proficient and professional manner.

Our expertise leads us to specialise in technically complex products within Manufacturing, Automotive and Aviation Industies.


The founder of Clavis Consult has got a large experience in different international companies of various sectors of Industry and Automotive.

The knowledge includes robotics with incorporated vision technology, manufacturing of elektronic devices (SMD, Oddform, Routing, Test, assembly), sealing technology, encoder and multipol technology, and IT administration.

Above experiences results out of commercial activity and manufacturing responsability, wich increases the work range.

A long time experience got in both Germany and France is the ideal base for creation of an international business relationship.

The founder of Clavis Consult has gained considerable knowledge of international business working with  European and North American companies in both Germany and France.

His extensive technical background involves robotics, machine vision, electronics component manufacture and many areas of factory automation as well as IT administration.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for future co-operation.